Death of U2 Joshua Tree

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Re: Death of U2 Joshua Tree

Postby cactusoid » Sun May 13, 2012 7:40 pm wrote:
cactusoid wrote:For those of you who don't want to mess around with the GPS BS, I heard it's right around the 33rd mile marker on the south side of the highway. Can anyone confirm this?

That's correct! I visited the U2 Joshua Tree this last week and it's about three-tenths of a mile south of the 33rd mile marker. There's a good pull out for parking about 150 yards before the 33rd mile marker, BTW. Also, FYI, the markers on the south side of the highway are marked in miles like this: 33.0, 34.0, etc. The markers on the north side of the highway are marked in half miles like this: 33.5, 32.5, etc. The numbers get smaller as you travel towards Lone Pine.
TRIP PICS: U2 Joshua Tree (May 2012)

Thanks for confirming that rumor! I still haven't visited the site. It doesn't look like it's anything at all spectacular, but it's still a nice site to visit. Knowing right where it's at will make it a quick stop if I drive by sometime when I'm in that area.
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