Deaths in Death Valley

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Re: Deaths in Death Valley

Postby Anonymizer » Tue Apr 12, 2011 8:08 am

Coroner positively identifies skeletal remains from Death Valley
I know that this also was posted to the wilderness rescues threads, but it probably more properly belongs here and so I'll repost it here also:
Human remains originally found by a Carson City deputy and Riverside searcher have been positively identified by the Inyo County Coroner as Norman Cox of Carson City. Mr. Cox had sent a letter to his family in early August to say he went to Death Valley to die. Carson City Deputy Jack Freer contacted Sierra Wave to say he saw the story on our website,, about Cox's letter to his family and the discovery of his car near Badwater. Deputy Freer said he spends a lot of time in the Eastern Sierra. He and others had decided to mount a free lance search of Death Valley for Cox. They did find human skeletal remains in an area of Death Valley, some 6 miles from where Cox's car had been found.

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Re: Deaths in Death Valley

Postby cactuspete » Thu Mar 22, 2012 8:18 am

Cyclist found dead in Death Valley
It wasn't the summer heat that killed him, he wandered away from the group he was with on a cool night and was found dead a few days later.

Kohler had been exploring Death Valley with a bicycle touring group and was last seen at a campfire at the Mesquite Spring campground Monday March 12th at approximately 8:00 PM. According to interviews conducted with the bicycle group, Kohler departed from the campfire after saying he was tired. In the morning when Kohler did not meet up with the rest of the group, his tent was opened up; but there was no sign of Kohler or any indication that he slept in his tent.

Late afternoon on March 20, 2012, George Kohler, a 67-year old San Francisco man, was discovered deceased between the Mesquite Spring campground and Scotty’s Castle Road in Death Valley National Park.

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Re: Deaths in Death Valley

Postby wildrose » Thu Aug 30, 2012 8:28 am

Michael Popov’s Last Run
Here's some info on the story of the ultrarunner who died in Death Valley earlier this month. This article provides a little background on some of the records he set and that sort of thing.
In early August, a 34-year-old record-breaking endurance racer died on a six-mile solo run in the 120-degree heat of Death Valley, California. Now friends in the community are left wondering how such a formidable athlete succumbed to heatstroke on what should have been a routine day.

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