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Black Turtle: Tale of the Turtle
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Quick Summary:

In this action-adventure novel, three young boys must find a way to clear the record of a wrongfully incarcerated cousin and bring corrupt town leaders to justice.

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Back Cover Blurb:

     What do you do when you find out that a number of school officials and the entire sheriff's department are running a drug lab in a nearby abandoned mine? If you're a kid living in a small desert town, there's not much you can do besides disrupt class and play silly pranks. But if you happen to get a little inside information, the odds can tip in your favor.

     Robbie has heard all of the wild stories and the warnings to stay away from the Black Turtle Mine, but he has to investigate the mine for himself. After happening upon what looks like a drug-manufacturing operation, Robbie's life is completely disrupted. He is framed for bringing methamphetamines to school and thrown into a juvenile detention center, and his mother is accused of being unfit. With the school principal and counselor in league with the sheriff and his deputies in a drug ring, the chances of Robbie getting fair and unbiased treatment seem pretty unlikely.

     Schoolmates Sawyer, Dylan, and James, along with their science teacher, Keith, join forces on a dangerous quest to free James's wrongfully incarcerated cousin Robbie and bring the criminals to justice.


(WARNING: Some of the content of this book may be somewhat inappropriate for children under fourteen)

More Information:

     It has been suggested that the War on Drugs is nothing more than a ploy used by the powers that be to increase the prison population and thereby increase the profits of corporations that supply equipment, goods, and services to prison institutions and law enforcement agencies. Some even assert that the powers that be actually facilitate the drug trade in order to intensify their War on Drugs and keep a steady flow of prisoners headed for incarceration. That is, they pretend to be waging a War on Drugs, but in reality they stage the War on Drugs for the benefit of the corporations that keep them in power. Let's fact it, a large portion of the population benefits from what is sometimes called the Prison-Industrial Complex and so this scenario isn't that far-fetched! Conspiracy theory? Perhaps, but what if it were true? What would it take to expose those involved in this grand deception and end the charade once and for all?

     Black Turtle: Tale of the Turtle tells the story of three boys, Dylan, Sawyer, and James, who expose such a plot, but on a much smaller scale. Corrupt town leaders actually manufacture and sell drugs in the small desert town of Liberty that these boys live in. James' older cousin, Robbie, discovers the mine used by the town leaders to manufacture drugs and is caught spying on them. They arrange for his incarceration at a juvenile detention facility by planting drugs in his backpack and "catching" him with them at school. The boys realize that something is wrong and they recruit their science teacher, Keith Olsen, to help unravel the plot. Through persistant effort the boys discover more and more about the secret activities of the corrupt town leaders, but will it be enough to expose these corrupt leaders or will the boys just wind up in juvenile hall along with James' cousin?

     There is something special about the mine that the town leaders use as the location for their drug lab. The Black Turtle Mine is a huge underground network of tunnels that interconnect to form a complex maze beneath a mountain. Keith Olsen, the boys' science teacher, knows all about the mine since he explored it thoroughly during his youth. For Keith the Black Turtle Mine is an almost sacred place which is being desecrated by the presence of the corrupt town leaders. The boys learn the mysteries of the Black Turtle Mine from their science teacher and use this information to attempt to undermine the activities of the corrupt town leaders. Can knowledge and integrity overcome influence and power or is the town doomed to remain under the control of corrupt leaders?

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