Death Valley Plants
Plant Hunters
Book Seven in the Black Turtle Series
Quick Summary:

Peaceful plant hunters are harassed by a variety of bullies who just don't seem to know how to mind their own business. You never know what kind of trouble you'll find while hunting for plants in the desert!

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     Some people are able to focus on their own business and not involve themselves in the affairs of others. However, there are those who seem to be preoccupied with what others are doing and who are apparently unable to develop interests of their own. If everyone was able to immerse themselves in engaging projects, this world would be a much better place. Indeed, it would seem that the social phenomenon popularly referred to as "bullying" is rooted in this inability to mind one's own business.

     This story focuses on a group of boys who are surrounded by bullies who pick on other people. In fact, the parents of four of the boys are the target of bullying behavior instigated by vindictive law enforcement agents. On top of that, an older relative of two of the boys and his friend endure bullying at the hands of some high school jocks, who believe that they have the duty to use physical violence to force their victims to comply with standards defining what they consider to be appropriate behavior.

     Although the boys at the center of the story would like nothing more than to be able to focus on a video project which happens to involve wild plants, and the high school boys targeted by the jocks would prefer to be left alone so they can work on a plant quizzer computer game they are creating, and the parents of some of the boys want to concentrate their attention on various projects also involving plants, it is unfortunately the case that the bullies in this story won't allow this to happen. If only the bullies could develop legitimate interests of their own!

(WARNING: Some content may be somewhat inappropriate for children under the age of fourteen.)

More Information:

     Although it may sound kind of tame and boring, plant hunting is an activity which requires stamina, preseverance, and an apetite for adventure. You never know where different kinds of plants may be hiding. The guidebook might indicate that they should be present in a particular locality, but the guidebook could be wrong! Some plants may be found growing right next to the road, whereas locating other plants might require a hike through forests, a trek through the desert, or a climb to the top of high mountain peaks.

     When you think about it, plants are not only all around us most of the time, but we are also surrounded by and come into contact with, on a regular basis, items which would not exist if it weren't for plants. For that matter, it's hard to imagine not ingesting at least a few plant-based foods on a daily basis. Ultimately, life on this planet is dependent on energy from the sun which is converted by plants into a form our bodies can use as a result of the process of photosynthesis. For these and other reasons, it makes a lot of sense for people to focus their attention on plants. And so although there are many interests, hobbies, and pursuits which people may involve themselves in, it stands to reason that interests involving plants should be quite prevalent.

     Unfortunately, not everyone is able to involve themselves in productive activities, whether they involve plants or not. Some people instead focus their attention onto picking on and bullying others. They use their time and resources to persecute, pester, or otherwise intimidate or harm others. Although they may justify their behavior to themselves and others by insisting that they are merely trying to make the world a better place by motivating eccentric individuals to conform to society's standards, the truth is that they just get their kicks from abusing their power and otherwise harassing other people. Regrettably, often people like this occupy positions which provide them with opportunities to misuse their authority in order to persecute others.

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