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Quick Summary:

Kyle and Kurt are boys sent to Bible Camp during the summer. They encounter some extremely strange behavior along the way and wind up in the middle of a criminal investigation. Will they survive their adventures in religious loony land?

Back Cover Blurb:

     Kurt and Kyle are two boys who get stuck going to Bible Camp during their summer vacation. At first it is merely annoying to have to listen to the rants of crazy religious leaders. Why couldn't they just go to a basketball camp like normal kids their age? The boys realize that things are going off the deep end when the leaders of the camp start speaking in tongues. But this is only the beginning of Kurt's and Kyle's adventures in religious loony land.

     The leader of the camp, known as Pam to the campers, has ambitions of expanding the camp so that she can better serve the Lord. The trouble is that she believes that the Lord wants her to resort to drastic means to attain this goal. She says that there is a spiritual war going on and during times of war drastic measures are required.

     Local law enforcement buys into Pam's scheme and the boys find themselves in quite a predicament when they discover that Pam and her henchman, Pastor Pete, are quite willing to frame an innocent man in order to achieve their ambitions. Will Kurt and Kyle be able to stop Pam's plan or will they become casualties of her deluded aspirations? Evil is never done so thoroughly as when it is done with a clear conscience. Pam is completely convinced that she is just doing the Lord's will!

(WARNING: Some content may be somewhat inappropriate for children under the age of fourteen.)

More Information:

     Bible Camp tells the humorous tale of two boys who are sent to Bible Camp one fine summer. While religious indoctrination of those too young to intellectually defend themselves against the narrow orthodoxies of religious leaders may raise eyebrows, the tactics employed at the Bible Camp that Kyle and Kurt attend are a little over the top. Not only does the leader of the camp emotionally traumatize campers with her excessively manipulative preaching, but she also has a worship assistant who is every bit as ruthless. Together the fanatic duo devise activities and sermons intended to mold young campers into good little soldiers for their Lord and Savior. Most people recognize when the line between inspiration and manipulation has been crossed. For normal people there is a clear difference between influencing someone and coercing someone, but for these camp leaders the ability to distinguish the difference has been lost.

     At first Kyle and Kurt have no idea that the Bible Camp they've been sent to is run by insane religious fanatics. The camp seems fairly normal to them to begin with. In fact, if anything, it seems to be exceptionally boring, with too much emphasis placed on religious education and not enough time spent having fun. However, boredom soon becomes the least of their concerns as they slowly begin to realize that the religious fanactics running the camp are not just your typical overly zealous religious nuts. The boys soon realize that they are dealing with delusional, true-believers who literally believe that they have been called by The Almighty to lead a spiritual war against the forces of evil that must be won at all costs regardless of any collateral damage.

     All that being said, Kyle and Kurt could endure their two-week stay at Bible Camp if that was all there was to it. While other campers might be vulnerable to the religious brainwashing imposed on them by camp leaders, Kyle and Kurt are rebellious souls who question authority and sometimes ignore the rules imposed on them by adults. As a result they become aware of a plot by camp leaders to force the owner of a parcel adjacent to the camp to sell his land to the camp leaders who are convinced that the Lord wants them to expand their facilities. The camp leaders resort to extremely unethical tactics to get their way, but when involved in a war, even a spiritual one, ethics are of little concern, since it's all about winning at any cost. While Kyle and Kurt could choose to look the other way and not get involved, they find the opportunity to foil the plans of the camp leaders to be too tempting to resist!

More info at amazon.com: Bible Camp