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Death Valley Plants


This Black Turtle variant was created during May of 2005. It is a route-finding game similar to dozens of other games. This one, however, incorporates several icons which relate to the Black Turtle concept and Black Turtle: Goat Roping Heathens, in particular.
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(If turtle doesn't show up right away, just click the right arrow one time.)

Click here for Java version of game

You are awarded ten points for each green alien you pull out of the mine.
You lose ten points for each red alien you are unable to avoid.
A bag of gold is worth five points.
Running into a bundle of dynamite will cost you five points.
A penny is worth one point, as you might expect.
A single stick of dynamite will deduct one point from your point total.


The turtle can only move horizontally (side to side) or vertically (up and down). But beware of vertical shafts. Traversal over a shaft will cause your turtle to fall to its death and you will lose all your points. Your goal is to get the turtle to the upper, left corner.


At the end of the game you will receive one of these ratings depending on how skillfully you played the game:

  1. TURTLE GOD --> 200 or more points
  2. SUPREME TURTLE --> 150 to 199 points
  3. GREAT TURTLE --> 120 to 149 points
  4. ORDINARY TURTLE --> 90 to 119 points
  5. LOWLY TURTLE --> 50 to 89 points
  6. DEAD TURTLE --> 49 or fewer points