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Maximum Black Turtle


Maximize the number of turtles by clearing space and positioning turtles in safe places. To clear space you must arrange a line of five or more icons of the same type. Icons are moved by clicking on them and then clicking on an empty tile. Your "Turtle Count" (or score) is shown at the bottom, right corner of the game. HINT: Make sure that you don't allow five turtles to be arranged in a line!

This game is associated with the book Black Turtle: Hot Spring Casualties.

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Turtle Godover 40 points
Supreme Turtle36 to 40 points
Great Turtle30 to 35 points
Ordinary Turtle25 to 29 points
Lowly Turtle16 to 24 points
Dead Turtleanything less

Although it should be possible to score over 40 points, I've never seen anyone get more than 33 points. Based on the size of the playing area, a score of at least 64 should be possible. Good luck!