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Death Valley Plants
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The turtle can only move horizontally (side to side) or vertically (up and down). The turtle can move any number of squares in a single direction as long as there are no obstacles (cactus, mountain, sun, jug, or snake). The player has the option of navigating around an obstacle or landing on it (and taking a point deduction in the process). The turtle cannot land on any square marked with an X, but it can move jump right over these squares as if they were empty.
The alien is worth ten points if you can catch it. The alien only pops up every once in a while and it sometimes sneaks away before you can catch it.
The goal of the black turtle is to catch the white rabbit. Each time the white rabbit is captured, you score five points.
The cactus represents the most trivial of the obstacles. Each time you land on a cactus icon, you lose one point.
The mountain is the second smallest of the obstacles. You lose two points when you land on a mountain icon.
Landing on the sun will cost you three points. It's best to avoid avoid landing on this sizzling, hot icon, but there are worse fates...
The jug icon represents the dangers invented by humans and is the second most deadly of the icons. Landing on a jug icon will cause you to lose four points from your score.
The snake icon is the most dreaded of the icons. Land on it only if you have no other choice.
You move the turtle icon in this game. As noted previously, the goal of the turtle is to catch the white rabbit.


At the end of the game you will receive one
of these ratings depending on how skillfully
you played the game:

  1. TURTLE GOD --> 100 or more points
  2. SUPREME TURTLE --> 81 to 99 points
  3. GREAT TURTLE --> 66 to 80 points
  4. ORDINARY TURTLE --> 51 to 65 points
  5. LOWLY TURTLE --> 36 to 50 points
  6. DEAD TURTLE --> 35 or fewer points

The game of Black Turtle is mentioned several times in Black Turtle: Tale of the Turtle. The game is a computer project developed by a couple high school computer nerds in the book. Then nerds don't have a big role in the story, but the computer version they create of the game of Black Turtle is mentioned several times during the story.

Click here for Java version of game.

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