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Each of the books in the Black Turtle series has a game associated with it. The computer room nerds are responsible for the development of each game in each of the books. There are seven books in the Black Turtle series and so there are seven games.




Black Turtle: Tale Of The Turtle
The two original computer nerds, Marty and Doug, are introduced in this book. They work together to create a computer version of the game of Black Turtle, which was a part of the history of the isolated desert town of Liberty. Their science teacher gives them a few pointers, but these two nerdy high school kids do all the coding themselves.

Black Turtle (the original)
Black Turtle: Goat-Roping Heathens
The original computer nerds are joined by two more high school students in this book. Amber and Robbie team up with Marty and Doug to create another game, which is a variation of a popular route-finding tile-based computer game that incorporates the icons used in their previous game.

Black Turtle Miner
Black Turtle: Hot Spring Casualties
The nerds create Maximum Black Turtle as their science fair project. The game is a tile-based game in which the object is to increase the population of black turtles occupying the game grid. Other characters in the book also create science fair projects, but none that are as entertaining as Maximum Black Turtle!

Maximum Black Turtle
Kill The Cat
Book four in the Black Turtle series breaks the pattern. Although it does not include the Black Turtle name in the title, it is still a member of the Black Turtle series! Unlike the other games, no turtles appear in this game. It's all cats! The game may be politically incorrect, but it fits in with a bigger theme within the context of the book.

Kill The Cat
Black Turtle: Campfire Songs
Even during the summer break the nerds stay busy creating new computer games. While other characters in the book are involved in exciting adventures, the computer nerds spend hours and hours tinkering on computers and perfecting a Black Turtle version of a popular tile-based computer game.

Black Turtle Matching
Black Turtle: Genetically Enhanced Organisms
Black Turtle Evolution is yet another tile-based computer game incorporating the Black Turtle theme. While the nerds don't play a huge role in this book, they are present, and working at the back of the classroom on this game, during many key scenes! The game is briefly described in the text. Check it out here to see it in action!

Black Turtle Evolution
Black Turtle: Plant Hunters
This last game is a project that the nerds undertake to help them and their classmates to memorize the names of local plants. As part of a botany unit in their science class they must pass a lengthy plant quiz. Although the coding of the game is relatively simple, the task of collecting plant pictures is time-consuming and at times quite challenging.

Black Turtle Plant Quiz

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