Black Turtle Books:
Wild Weeds
Plant Hunters
Peaceful plant hunters are harassed by a variety of bullies who just don't seem to know how to mind their own business. You never know what kind of trouble you'll find while hunting for plants in the desert!
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Genetically Enhanced Organisms
Scheming classmates, a PE teacher who plays favorites, a football coach and pastor who is willing to cheat to win, and Internet trolls all spell trouble for a group of kids from the desert. Small town life is tougher than it seems!
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Campfire Songs
Children go on a campout with an ex-con and a polygamist. Law enforcement and the media find out about it. Are the children more likely to be harmed by the bad guys or the so-called good guys?
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Kill The Cat
Some kids living in a small desert town enter a controversial online comedy video contest only to discover that not everyone has a sense of humor. No cats were harmed in the production of this book!
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The Dysfunctional Logic of Power
In this sequel to The Fake News, a boy gets sent to boot camp and his friends decide that they can't allow their friend to endure the hardships and abuse of such an institution.
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Evil Willie
In order to avoid vegetables and school, the Nordtz kids run away to work in Evil Willie's candy factory. Will their adventure be a sweet dream or will it turn sour?
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The Fake News
Four ambitious boys wish to achieve internet fame by sharing videos on a popular video sharing website. Do the potential dangers of such online activiy outweigh the potential benefits?
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Bible Camp
Kyle and Kurt are boys sent to Bible Camp. They encounter some extremely strange behavior along the way and wind up in the middle of a criminal investigation.
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Black Turtle: Hot Springs Casualties
Hippies are camped in the valley and the local pastor vows to put a stop to this abomination. The local kids and the hippie kids must deal with the pastor's strange antics.
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Black Turtle: Goat-Roping Heathens
A group of boys endure a small town culture war instigated by a local pastor. Their aspirations and goals are threatened by the crazy behavior of the adults around them.
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Black Turtle: Tale of the Turtle
This action-adventure novel is a blast! Three mischievous boys must find a way to free a wrongfully incarcerated cousin and bring corrupt town leaders to justice.
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Each book in the Black Turtle series has a game associated with it. The computer nerds create one game per book. There are seven books in the Black Turtle series and so there are seven games!
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