Wild Weeds
Yerba Mansa

      Also known as lizard's tail, Yerba Mansa is not only an extremely attractive plant, but it is also potentially quite useful. First of all, it should be pointed out that what appears to be large flowers are actually clusters of many small flowers arranged into a cone-shaped inflorescence. On top of that, what appear to be white petals are actually bracts. Red spots on the leaves and bracts are often present and give Yerba Mansa a very exotic appearance. Now as to the uses of Yerba Mansa, it is said to be useful as an antimicrobial, an antibacterial, an antiseptic, a mild diuretic, an astringen, and as an antifungal. As a result it is said to be useful for the treatment of a long list of ailments including such things as the common cold, muscular pain, sexually transmitted diseases, flu, cancer, swollen gums, and sore throat. Additonally, it's anti-inflammatory properties make it potentially useful in the treatment of arthritis. Seems almost too good to be true, but many sources, including WebMD, claim that Yerba Mansa has medicinal value.

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Also known as lizard's tail
It's a hardy herb, it isn't frail
A pretty plant overall
Some say it's medicinal

Used to treat some STDs
It brings flus and colds to their knees
Even used in treating cancer
Widely known as yerba mansa

It's rhyzomes spread underground
Or it grows from seeds - small and round
Often grows in riparian zones
Flowers form in little cones

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