Wild Weeds
The Paradox of Christmas

      Why is it that people often feel depressed during what is supposed to be a magical holiday season? Pop psychologists have lots to say on the topic, but actually the problem is a cultural one. Christmas gets hyped for way more than it's worth. Some stores even start putting out Christmas products in October. Not only that, but Christmas music is probably the most annoying of all forms of music. So, why is Christmas hyped to such a ridiculous extent? Obviously, it's about selling stuff and so what it all boils down to is that Christmas hopes and expectations become exaggerated and those who feel left out become disappointed and sometimes even depressed. Of course, not everyone is susceptible to such a mental malaise, but a sufficient number of people do become depressed during the holiday season to such an extent that holiday depression is a topic which is discussed regularly in popular media.


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Christmas is a magical
Holiday season
When people exchange gifts
For no apparent reason

They buy stuff at a store
And more stuff online
And get a Christmas tree
A spruce, fur, or pine

Happy people trade gifts
Wrapped in cheerful little boxes
Making holiday depression
One of those crazy paradoxes!

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