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Wizard Trees

      Trees in general are amazing and beautiful, but there are certain species which are truly majestic and awe-inspiring. Near the top of the list would be Juniperus grandis, commonly known as Sierra Juniper or Mountain Juniper. The oldest members of this species reach a ripe old age of approximately 3000 years and although they don't grow to great heights as compared to many other species of trees, what sets them apart are their gnarled and twisted branches. Growing at elevations up to above 10,000 feet, these trees are often found growing at the top of ridges where they are likely to be exposed to extreme weather. Sometimes considered a subspecies of Western Juniper (Juniperus occidentalis), Sierra Juniper is most often treated as a distinct and separate species. The geographical stronghold for J. occidentalis is Oregon, whereas J. grandis is found primarily in the Sierra Nevada range of California.


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Wizard trees
Old and twisted
Three thousand years
Some persisted
Gnarled huge and
Magnificent monsters
Have been reported
Juniperus grandis
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