Wild Weeds
Bug On My Windshield

      During late spring and early summer, bugs seem to be more prevalent than during any other time of the year. As a result many get splattered onto the windshield and grill of vehicles, making a bit of a mess. The big ones can release quite a bit of juice, but the little ones often come in enormous swarms and so whether we're dealing with large bugs or small bugs, the task of scraping them off the front of your vehicle can be quite labor intensive. Most likely there are how-to videos which provide hints on how to remove the crushed and often dried up little insect carcasses, but one way or the other this task is going to be unpleasant. Another thing which might be interesting to look into is whether or not there is a product which can be applied to the surfaces upon which the bugs splatter which makes them slide off or at least makes them easier to remove. I'm sure some entrepreneurial type will come up with a solution for this problem, but until then removing bugs splattered on the windshield will remain an annoying task!


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I saw a big bug on my windshield
I was doing eighty by a cornfield
I could not tell you want kind it was
It's now just a splat made of guts and fuzz

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