Wild Weeds
Encased In Wax

      Moths can be extremely annoying and when they invade your house they can be more than just a little unpleasant. There are many types of moths and several reasons why they might get into your house, but once in your house it is necessary that they be eliminated one way or the other. Many people just put out candles in a dark room and allow the annoying creatures to eliminate themselves. Why moths have a tendency to fly into a flame is difficult to say. Obviously they are attracted to the light, but why do they get so close to the flame that they kill themselves? At any rate, they wind up landing in the wax and become encased in wax. It's an odd phenomenon, but it is a reliable way to exterminate moths. This method of eliminating moths has its potential dangers. Moth fires are not unheard of, although it is strange that this method of killing moths is so effective that a fire fueled by their dead bodies is possible.


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Attracted to the flame
Of a candle bright
Moths die by the millions
Every single night

They flutter around and hit the flame
And fall down on their backs
And sink slowly down until they're
Encased in wax

It happens all the time, but
They never seem to learn
If they hit the flame, then
They will surely burn

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