Wild Weeds
Waterfalls, Snakes, and Bears

      There are lots of reasons as to why people like to hike. The possible motivations are numerous, but there are few which are probably more common than others. For instance, sometimes people go out on a hike to escape the noise and commotion of their normal surroundings. Other people enjoy observing plants and animals in a natural environment. Still others, want to collect their thoughts and clear their heads. There are even those who use their time while hiking to engage in problem solving, develop ideas, or to seek inspiration. Another common thing people like to do while out on a hike is to take photographs and, of course, there are those who listen to podcasts or music. Regardless of one's motivations for going out on a hike, it's good exercise and a great way to get a better perspective on life. Parks and wilderness areas are probably the best settings for a hike, but many neighborhoods provide the necessary ingredients for a good walk or hike.


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So many things to contemplate
So many things to think about
Mendacious ponderosities
And hogwash to sort out

Trying hard to concentrate
But distractions are everywhere
Thoughts get interrupted by
Waterfalls, snakes, and bears

Deep in thought once again
Only to be led astray
Trying hard to catch a thought
Before it slips away

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