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Brussel Spouts and Broccoli


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Better eat your vegetables
Before they get too cold
You know you like your brocolli
Hot and steamy, fresh, not old

Brussel Sprouts are best in the state
Of freshly steamed
They're flavor is the essence
Of a most delicious dream

Vegetable seduction
It's a flavorful eruption

The thought of eating brocolli
Sends a shiver through my spine
And brussel sprouts taste so good
Their flavor is sublime

There's nothing that compares
To the way they taste and smell
Incredible aroma
And great texture as well

Vegetable seduction
It's a flavorful eruption

Nutritious and delicious
So good and yet so true
The texture is fantastic
And they taste good too

There's nothing quite so tasteful
There's nothing quite so fine
Brussel sprouts and brocolli
Are the best when they are mine!

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