Wild Weeds
Valentine's Day Tale

      Most people are screwed up in one way or another. Some people are just more screwed up than others and to make matters worse there are so many ways that people can be screwed up. There are people who are obsessive or compulsive or overly emotional or easily triggered. There are people who are bossy, arrogant, rude, impulsive, or unreliable. There are people with mood swings, people who look for ways to irritate other people, and then there are people who are always asking for money or looking for get-rich-quick schemes. Sometimes screwed up behavior crosses the line and becomes illegal behavior, but usually we're just talking about annoying or irritating behavior. Everyone is annoying to someone, but some people are irritating to practically everyone.


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Valentine's Day
She had a lot to say
Valentine's Day
Driving down the lonely highway

She had a dog or two
But they always wound up dying
Making crazy accusations
Maybe she should stop her lying

Valentine's Day
Always asking for more moola
Valentine's Day
Maybe she should do the hula

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