Wild Weeds
Valentine's Day Warning

      Innocent until proven guilty seems like such a sentimental and old-fashioned legal precept nowadays. After all, it seems that when it comes to many crimes, the concept of due process has been thrown by the wayside. Instead it has become fashionable to make false accusations and the legal system and news media even go so far as to use the term victim when referring to an accuser. There's no need to prove anything. It is assumed that an accuser is a victim and this type of doublespeak has become completely acceptable in contemporary society. Indeed a whole industry has arisen which enables false accusers. Unfortunately and as might be expected, anyone who speaks out against the obvious and undeniable injustice of the situation is accused of being on the side of wrongdoers, despite the fact that most of the accusations against the alleged wrongdoers are completely and conspicuously false.


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She is a lawyer
You've seen on TV
And in her eyes
You're always guilty

No one should be confused
You're guilty if you've been accused

No hugs and kisses
No room for horseplay
Be extra careful on
Valentine's Day!

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