Wild Weeds
Valentine's Obsession

      There's actually a fragrance one can purchase called Obsession. I suppose that the idea is to suggest that by spraying oneself with this perfume that one becomes irresistable and this causes other people to obsess over you. The chances that this will work out in a positive way are pretty low. In fact, it's most likely that the wrong people will obsess over you and that you'll be stuck dealing with unwanted attention. It could be even worse than that since if the wrong people obsess over you and you repel their advances, things could get ugly or even violent. Sometimes things don't work out in the way imagined. In fact, often things go wrong in unanticipated ways - there being a huge gap between fantasty and reality - and so calling a fragrance Obsession might not be such a great idea.


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She wanted a lot, she wanted more
She could not have what she wished for
Resolve, commitment, and dedication
She could state her goals without hesitation

She had plans and she had schemes
To finally get the man of her dreams
Her flying monkeys would take to the sky
And hunt down and bring back the apple of her eye

But things went wrong one raining day
She got soaking wet and melted away
The morale of this story that you should weigh
Be careful what you wish for on Valentine's Day

Sober you should stay
Don't get carried away
It's just another day

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