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Turtle Are The Best

      Turtles (and tortoises) are interesting creatures without a doubt. Not too many animals have such excellent armor. Since both this website and the main YouTube channel associated with this website have turtle as part of their name, it seems fitting that a song/video about turtles be posted from time to time. This one features lots of turtle art. Much of this has appeared in one form or another in previous videos, but most of what is included in this video has been altered in some way. For that reason much of what is contained in this video will seem familiar to those who have watched lots of BlackTurtleShow videos in the past, but there are slight changes which will become apparent if the viewer goes back and checks out some of the presentations from the past featuring turtles.


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Turtles are better
Turtles are the best
Turtles are way more
Awesome than the rest

Turtles in the ocean
Turtles in the air
Turtles everywhere!

Turtles have patience
Turtles have shells
And they have secrets
That they never tell

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