Wild Weeds
Tubing In The Wilderness

      Illegal pot farms might not be a thing of the past, but they are less prevalent now that growing marijuana has been legalized. There might be some people who would not qualify for a permit to grow the wild weed, but most people can do so without issue. For that reason illegal marijuana farms are far less common now than they were a few years ago. It used to be somewhat common for clandestine pot-growing operations to be located in remote areas where there was sufficient water to sustain such activity. I've run across a few defunct illegal pot farms, but none that were actually operational. The one featured in this video never seemed to have gotten off the ground. There were plastic pots, irrigation tubing and emitters, fertilizer bottles, garden equipment, and a watering container, but no sign that plants were actually grown to maturity. The location was pretty remote and the growing season limited and so it appears that it was abandoned prematurely. Apparently it turned out to be a lot more work than the would-be pot farmers bargained for!


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Plastic tubing, the kind that's used
For irrigation, I'm so confused
Small emitters and garden tools
And other violations of wilderness rules

Tubing in the wilderness
Who would do a thing like this

All the tubing and gardening supplies
And other things I do not recognize
I ask a bear but his response is to flee
He will not explain this mystery!

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