Wild Weeds
Tricky Words

      There are a number of categories of what could be called TRICKY WORDS. One such category is a collection of words known as homophones. These words are pairs or triads of words which sound the same when spoken although they are spelled differently. Here are several examples:
pair / pear
bear / bare
write / right
too / two / to
toad / toed / towed
ware / wear / where
days / daze
wood / would
hall / haul
hair / hare
tide / tied
fir / fur
band / banned
ate / eight
tale / tail
waist / waste
weight / wait
their / there / they're
which / witch
him / hymn
peace / piece
brake / break


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Homophones are tricky words
So easy to confuse
If you are not careful then
The wrong one you will use

Be careful when you write
Of the words you choose
Be sure to get it right
If you snooze, you lose

Homophones are tricky words
So easily confused!

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