Wild Weeds
Always Be Polite

      It might be a night dedicated to the celebration of satanic evil, but that doesn't mean that you can't be polite, kind, and safe! After all, Halloween is supposed to be a fun event for the kids, not a violent protest or destructive procession. In order to keep things fun it helps if people are polite, respectful, orderly, and generally nice. However, there might be some demons of the night who wish to ruin it for others and hence this reminder about the importance of behaving in a way which respects the rights of others. Of course, some evil-spirited individuals might want to actually ruin Halloween for others, but in the long run it is in everybody's best interest to make Halloween an enjoyable experience for all. For that matter, in order to encourage everyone to celebrate Halloween it is important that everyone have a good and safe time, otherwise the holiday might not be celebrated in the future.


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Don't be a hater
Be nice on Halloween
Don't pick on little kids
Or say things that are mean

Always use a flashlight
While walking on a dark night

Be on your best behavior
Be kind to those you meet
Always be polite
When you trick-or-treat

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