Wild Weeds
Toad Or Turd?

      I honestly did think the snake was eating a turd when I first came across the snake and toad shown in this video. I was just hiking along and then right there on the trail was a snake with something in his mouth. Upon closer inspection it appeared that the snake was attempting to swallow a large turd. Eventually I noticed what appeared to be a four-fingered hand and then an eye. At that point I realized that the snake was attempting to swallow a large toad. A problem for the snake was that he was doing this in the middle of a motorcycle trail. Fortunately for him there were no motorcyclists on the trail that particular day, just a curious hiker and my presence was threatening enough to cause the snake to regurgitate the toad and to go hide under a rock. Whether or not the snake returned to the toad after I left I do not know. It was a loop hike and so I did not pass back that way that day.


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Toad or turd?
A question so absurd
The lines are clearly blurred
It's not a hummingbird
Turd is the word

It was a sad mistake that the hungry snake
Had to regurgitate - Such an awful fate
Was it a toad or frog? Or just a pollywog?
And no matter what you've heard
It was a turdilicious turd!

Toad or turd?
A question so outrageous
A riddle for wise sages
The answer might take pages
I hope it's not contagious

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