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      Tidy tips is the common name for a group of flowering plants in the Layia genus of the Sunflower Family. Many species of tidy tips grow only in California, but the star of this song, known as Layia glandulosa, also grows in several states surrounding California. Although we know that the Layia genus is named after a botanist by the name of George Tradescant Lay (1799-1845), there isn't a lot of information about the origin of this plant's common name. Without a doubt it sounds potentially inappropriate, but clearly the name is not actually offensive, although you might want to be careful who you say it around!

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There's a tiny little flower called tiddy tips
It's a funny sounding name that just rolls off your lips
Most of them are either yellow or white
Pretty little flowers - an attractive sight
All the information indicates
That they grow in California and neighboring states

Some people might object, they might even claim
That there's something inappropriate about the name
But the spelling is different 'tho it sounds almost the same
To a word they say is rude, but they shouldn't defame
Tidy tips are perfectly fine
Although some people are inclined to whine

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