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Drug Enforcement Raid

      Anonymous tips are often made for nefarious reasons. Sometimes it's revenge. Sometimes jealousy. On the other hand, sometimes it's some kind of mistake. When law enforcement acts on these tips they should carefully investigate before taking action, but unfortunately they often fail to do so. When it comes to illegal plants there have been many cases of mistaken identity. For instance, there are a number of plants which superficially resemble marijuana. If a neighbor looks over your fence and sees a look alike growing in your yard, he or she might not realize that it's not marijuana and may call the cops if they consider growing marijuana something worth reporting. (Otherwise, they might hop over the fence and grab the plant for themselves.) Upon receiving a report regarding illegal marijuana plants, law enforcement personnel might not be adequately trained to be able to tell the difference between a plant which looks like marijuana and the real thing.


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It sometimes happens that drug raids happen when there are no drugs to justify the raid. Such is sometimes the case with plants which resemble marijuana to some degree. There are many people who have difficulty distinguishing between certain somewhat similar looking plants. As a result anonymous tips are sometimes made by clueless idiots who have no idea what they're talking about. However, false reports are made intentionally and if a raid is likely, then such a type is an example of what is often called "swatting." In fact, many states have laws which specifically address such false reports since it happens more frequently than one might think. In any case, one would hope that law enforcement would investigate a report before initiating a raid. The problem is that many law enforcement types lack the ability to differentiate between plants which look sort of like marijuana and the real thing. That said, the big problem is that marijuana raids are far more likely to be deadly than the plant itself!

She sang a pretty song about
Tulips and daffodils
Her garden was impressive
Thanks to her amazing skills

A jealous neighbor called in
An anonymous tip
Claiming that she had plants
Which induce a psychoactive trip

Everything was wiped out and obliterated
Laid waste in a drug enforcement raid

The aftermath was dismal
Dead plants and broken tools
The agents had no clue at all
Such hopeless stupid fools

Always be sure to correctly identify a plant
Before eating it or destroying someone's garden
As part of a drug enforcement raid!

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