Wild Weeds
Symbols Of Toxic Hate

      There is a problem when the honest opinion of one person is offensive to another person. People should be able to disagree without getting angry, especially when it comes to politics. However, often people get upset when they hear opinions they disagree with and this sometimes leads to insults and sometimes even accusations. Often the accusations are based on an intentional misinterpretation of what someone has said and this gets us to the topic of hate speech. What exactly is hate speech? You'd expect it to be a matter of when someone says something hateful, but often simply expressing certain opinions is deemed hate speech. Recently, even saying "Christ is king" has been considered to be hate speech by some people. This seems bizarre, but even flying an historical flag has been claimed to be hate speech by certain media pundits. How have things gotten this crazy?


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Anything you say could be taken the wrong way
It seems that commonsense is on a permanent holiday
An innocent remark with no bad intent
Gets taken out of context and the meaning gets bent

Symbols of toxic hate
Way too quick to equivocate

A pine tree might offend a feeble-minded libtard
A rainbow is upsetting to a homophobic blowhard
Snowflakes are triggered by a harmless little frog
It seems like everybody has become a demagogue

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