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Sweetie Pie For PewDiePie

      What do you get for someone who can afford anything? It's hard enough to come up with good gifts for ordinary people, but when it comes to someone who can afford anything there aren't too many gifts that can be given which the person isn't already likely to own. Sure, there are unique trinkets that might be nice novelty items, but it's hard to reliably locate such items. On top of that, what is unique and interesting to one person might seem like random trash to another person. On the other hand, technological advances occur all the time and some spin off items are quite interesting, although sometimes they might happen to be a bit pricey. Of course, when we're talking about someone who can afford anything, priciness kind of goes with the territory!

      The song mentions a fellow who goes by the name PewDiePie. He is a YouTube celebrity and as of the posting of this video his channel had more subscribers than any other channel on YouTube. His real name is Felix Kjellberg and he lives in Sweden.


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Created in a lab in a foreign country
An anonymous order for a celebrity

Sweetie pie
Oh, sweetie pie
Won't you be my sweetie pie

A precise list of features clearly specified
Rumor has it, it was made for Pewdiepie

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