Wild Weeds
Sweet Cat Right?


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My cat likes trees, but he cannot climb
Unless, of course, it's dinner time
But mostly he just lies around
Spacing out or sleeping on the ground
My cat's a fiend for jellybeans
When I run out he makes a scene
But hopefully he does not know
That my supply is low

My cat says now
I don't care how
Meow, meow, meow, meow
I want my chow

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Sweet cat of mine
It's dinner time
It's time to dine
Damn it! Just eat!

Maybe it's not what you want
At least it's not a stale croissant
It's all I got to offer you
Don't be mad pussy poo
Pussy poo - don't be blue

At first he pouts and then he whines
A bowl of fishsticks he declines
He knows exactly what he craves
And when he's mad he misbehaves
So I need to find another dish
That satisfies his dinner wish
And if I don't right away
I swear there will be hell to pay

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