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Summer Safety PARODY

      Although accidents can happen anytime of year, it is during the summer that injury rates spike. Primarily this is because people are more active during the summer and they engage in activities which are more risky. This makes summer the perfect time for Public Service Announcements (PSA) warning people to be careful when they play outside. The PSA on this page is a sarcastic parody version of what you might see in a typical PSA, but it still gets the general message across. Whether out hiking in the mountains, swimming in a lake, jumping on a trampoline, or playing at the beach, it is important to always think safety. An abundance of caution is always a good idea and being prepared for an unexpected turn of events is always a good idea, particularly when you are far away from medical facilities or even outside an area with cell service. It's a good idea to carry a first aid kit with you while hiking and to have one in a car at all times. Other emergency items to keep in your car include plenty of water, toilet paper, warm clothing, flashlight, extra batteries, and various other common sense items.


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It is summer once again in the Northern Hemisphere
So it's time to break it down and to fill your head with fear
Fatalities are common, you can drown and you can fry
There's no need to list them all cuz there's so many ways to die

Barricade yourself inside
Find a nice safe place to hide
Follow all the rules to stay alive!

No, helmets aren't enough and harnesses malfunction
That safety gear will work is a really dumb assumption
There is not a perfect answer to the question of survival
Just stay away from danger and you will not need revival

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