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Bad Cookies (A Tale Of Stale)

      Stale cookies are a true disappointment, especially when you have just ripped open a package after a period of eager anticipation. Although it's a hassle, most of us will take the package of defective cookies back to exchange for a fresh package or for a refund, but that doesn't take away the disappointment. Fortunately, modern packaging is fairly reliable and so most of the time cookies get to us nice and fresh, but sometimes this is not the case. It also sometimes happens that a package of cookies is sold after its expiration date. Usually this doesn't happen, but every now and then a store fails to remove expired food items from its shelves. Of course, bad cookies can serve as an analogy for many things and although the analogy may not be perfect, it is nonetheless a fun analogy to use for various unappealing or disappointing things. Please keep this in mind as you view the video and listen to the song presented on this page.


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When I finally made it home I soon realized
That the cookies that I bought had somehow fossilized
I checked the package date, but I had to break the code
The truth that it concealed was that the cookies were old

If you cookies are stale
Then take them back
If they're harder than a rock
Take them back!

Milk can go sour and things can go south
And if it is disgusting, keep it outa your mouth
The way the cookie crumbles is hard to predict
But when the cookies are rotten, it's time to evict!

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