Wild Weeds
Snow And Trees Sometimes Fall

      Life is full of problems. Some are major and others are just tedious and annoying. Are these problems trials and tribulations meant to makes us stronger and more resilient or are they just random occurrences which interfere with forward progress? I suppose that's a philosophical (or possibly religious) question, but it is certainly possible to look at problems in different ways. They can be seen as challenges which lead to self-improvement or they can be seen as obstacles which prevent us from reaching our true potential. Maybe this is just seeing a cup as half full or half empty, but one thing seems pretty clear: Life is full of problems, it's very difficult to avoid problems, and sometimes it's better to just deal with the problems than to gripe, complain, and scream about them. On the other hand, griping, complaining, and screaming is sometimes all we can do about them!


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Sometimes trees fall and block the road
And travel can be difficult after it's snowed
But after awhile things improve
The snow melts and the trees are removed

Sometimes things get better
Sometimes they get worse
Sometimes clouds gather
Sometimes they disperse
I'm not prognosticating
Or forcing a rhyme
But things get better
Most of the time

Snow and trees sometimes fall
Bringing forward progress to a crawl
Sometimes you wish you had the wherewithall
To just solve the problem once and for all!

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