Death Valley Plants
Spikes From Hell

      The mind can sometimes wander a bit while you're out hiking around, which may explain why I recently asked myself, "What would Johnny Appleseed think?" when I laid my eyes upon some snow plants growing in a mountain forest. Known as a somewhat essentric individual, Johnny Appleseed (aka, John Chapman) was a member of The New Church, also known as the Swedenborgian Church. According to Micheal Pollan, in Swedenborgian theology there is "no rift between the natural world and the divine." In fact, their belief is that there is a one-to-one relationship between natural and spiritual facts, so that through close observation of nature it is possible for one to become edified concerning spiritual truths. Thus any plant or animal may be seen as a "living sermon from God." (Quotes from The Botany of Desire by Michael Pollan.)


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While walking through the woods
You might see an apparition
A sign that you have lost your way
And slipped into perdition

Spikes From Hell
   Not a simple parasite
Spikes From Hell
   Science can't get it right
Spikes From Hell
   More than meets the eye alright
Spikes From Hell!

Little fingers reaching up
To steal away your soul
If you are not careful
They'll drag you down below

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