Wild Weeds
Sometimes To The Extreme

      False compound words can be confusing and may sometimes even result in serious misunderstandings. There are many types of therapists. There are psychotherapitsts, physical therapists, message therapists, hypnotherapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists, and several others. Often therapists help with rehabilitation following an injury, surgery, or some other traumatic event of a physical nature. Sometimes the focus is more psychological, but in all cases the idea is to help people to get better in some way. However, therapists wind up being accused of wrongdoing at an alarming rate. Possibly the intimate nature of their job makes them more likely to cross professional boundaries or possibly it makes them more vulnerable to false accusations. It's hard to say, but many jobs have their pitfalls and being accused of certain types of crimes seems to be a risk encountered by therapists of all types.


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Sometimes people hurt themselves
Sometimes they suffer injury
Sometimes they need help to recover
So they go to therapy

This guy I know seemed quite normal
He even went to church sometimes
But then he got into big trouble
And now he's paying for his crimes

False compound words can be deceptive
Sometimes things aren't what they seem
Therapist can be the rapist
Irony to the extreme

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