Wild Weeds
Something Was Delivered

      The first two lines of this little song popped into my head right after I saw the mailman put something into my mailbox. Shortly after retrieving my mail, which consisted of a single piece of junkmail, I wrote the rest of the lyrics and after another forty minutes had the song most of the way done. Although this is a really simple, silly, and corny song, they usually don't write themselves quite this quickly. Oddly enough, when I wrote this song I was a little sick with a very slight cough and some congestion. Also it was chilly, but not exactly cold outside. However, rather than "huddle by the heater" I wrote this song and then went about my day. Considering how crumby I felt, it was nice to put together a song that I could use in a video for YouTube! I seriously wasn't feeling good enough to get much of anything else done! (My apologies to J. Cash, Cheech and Chong, and anyone else who might be annoyed by this song!)


Watch video on this page at YouTube!

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Something was delivered
Something was dropped off
I'd go and check my mailbox now
Except I've got a cough

The air outside is chilly
The air outside is cold
It's so extreme that when I breath
My lungs just might explode

So inside I'm remaining
Yes, inside I will stay
I'll huddle by the heater
'Til there is a warmer day!

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