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Slower Than A Snail

      There are fast animals and there are slow animals. Usually the most attention is paid to which animals are the fastest, but of all the animals which move slowly, there must be one which can be declared to be the slowest of the slow. A few likely candidates include snails, tortoises, sloths, starfish, koala bears, and manatees. Others could be included in this list, but the point is that there are several animals considered to be especially slow. While the speed of the fast animals can be measured in miles per hour, it might be more appropriate to measure the speed of the slow ones in inches per minute or possibly even millimeters per minute. BTW, according to one source, the only animal slower than a snail is the lowly sea anemone.


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Penguins waddle and snakes may slither
Some hesitate and others dither
Maybe slow, but not the slowest
Maybe low, but not the lowest

It may look bad
No matter what the number
But not a total fail
But not a total blunder
A turtle is not slower than a snail

To slide on slime or crawl in the dirt
To come in last can really hurt
Some may rush and some may hurry
But it's just a rat race so what's the worry?

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