Wild Weeds
Radioactive Slime

      There is an abundance of sports and energy drinks out on the market these days. A somewhat new one called PRIME has become a bit of a sensation due to the identity of two of its creators: KSI and Logan Paul, both famous YouTubers. Typical of many popular sports and energy drinks, it's over-flavored, brightly colored, and very sweet. Some of the flavors are highly caffeinated, but not all contain caffeine. Although PRIME and other sports and energy drinks contain some healthy ingredients, the emphasis is on taste, which makes sense if the primary customer base for the drinks are children and teenagers. However, some of the flavors can be said to be over-flavored and in some cases the flavors taste like nothing of natural origin. In other words, they have a taste which can reasonably be characterized as synthetic or artificial. All that said and regardless of how you may feel about Logan Paul and his trusty sidekick KSI, PRIME is selling quite well and making both of them quite wealthy.


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Sweet and over-flavored
A strange synthetic taste
Unnaturally colorful
Like radioactive waste

Demand is great
Right through the roof
The kids can't get enough
Despite the toxic
They really want the stuff

Liquid sewage bottled up
Extremely over-priced
All the fuss and all the hype
The kids have been enticed
Profits astronomical
And ethics sacrificed

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