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Computer TV ran a contest during May of 2009. Those submitting videos had to write and present a song that was under one minute in length and which included the following words: over-clocking, robots, Irrawaddy, and Slacker G2. I was fortunate enough to win this contest and Computer TV sent me a Slacker G2 as the prize!

Contest announcement video
ComputerTV Episode 54 (video played in entirety)
ComputerTV Episode 55 (winners announced)

Download the song!


Over-clocking robots leads to trouble
If you shave your legs, you'll wind up with stubble
But that doesn't matter - it's not the topic of this song
I wanna new gadget and I can't last long!

Irrawaddy - Computer TV
Send a Slacker G2 to me!

I'm no neo-Luddite, I've got techno lust
Digital gadgets - in them I trust
I listen to tunes while planting a tree
This Slacker G2 looks kinda awesome to me

I'm telling the truth Computer TV
This Slacker G2 would be perfect for me!

VIDEO LOCATION: Kopper King Area
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