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Don't Ski Into A Tree

      Skiing is a rather exciting sport and probably one of the most dangerous sports to engage in. Although not intended to be a contact sport, accidents do happen and sometimes collisions occur and serious injuries are the result. Not only that, but there is also the possibility of being buried alive as the result of an avalanche. For this reason there are various forms of safety equipment often used by skiers such as helmets, goggles, various types of padding, avalanche probes, and avalanche beacons, as well as other potentially helpful items. Although these items help make skiing safer, there is no substitute for commonsense and even experienced skiers who make good decisions can sometimes have bad luck. So, be as safe as possible, know your limits, and look where you're going!


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Skiing is fun although also dangerous
Things can go wrong and they often do
Ski lift accidents, random collisions
Don't let these things happen to you

Broken bones and other injuries
Can be painful and ruin the fun
Avalanches and volcanic eruptions
Anything is possible under the sun

Be sure to recall the case of Sonny Bono
Who died on a mountain called heavenly
Always be sure to watch out where you're going
And try not to ski straight into a tree!

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