Wild Weeds

      Most people all around the planet will probably be vaccinated for COVID-19 sometime during the beginning of 2021. Hopefully all goes smoothly and there are few if any problems which interfere with successfully innoculating everyone against this sometimes deadly virus. As might be expected there are those who will refuse to get the shot, but the vast majority of people all around the world will undoubtedly choose to be innoculated. Of course, there is not just a single vaccine available as there have been several vaccines developed by different pharmaceutical companies and in different countries around the globe. It is highly probable that some of these vaccines will be more effective at protecting against COVID-19 than others. Also some might have more side-effects than others. It remains to be seen how the roll out goes, but there is reason to be mostly optimistic. Although there are those who insist that there's some underlying conspiracy going on with this COVID-19 situation, it seems that these people are most likely alarmists who are over-reacting to an imaginary and/or perceived threat.


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What a way to start the year
What a way to kick things off
It just might save your life
Or at least prevent a cough

Shot in the arm - It might hurt a bit
Shot in the arm - But don't have a fit
Shot in the arm - Just a little poke
Vaccinations are no joke!

There's nothing quite like
A shot in the arm
And there may be some side effects
But hopefully it does no harm

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