Wild Weeds

      Arnold Schwarzenegger has led a rather exciting life. First, he became famous as a body builder. Next, he had a successful acting career. Then he became governor of California. And now, he's made it into one of my videos! This video is not meant to be disrespectful, nor is it intended as some kind of tribute or celebration of Schwarzenegger's life. However, it is impossible to fail to appreciate that Schwarzenegger ran for governor as a republican, which considering Schwarzenegger's somewhat hedonistic past excesses seems a little inconsistent with that party's support for traditional and family values. But, putting all the political cow manure aside, it's impossible to deny that Schwarzenegger has accomplished a lot in his lifetime!


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I'm a sexy dancer
Doing sexy sexy moves
I'm a sexy dancer
I've gotta sexy groove

Now that I am governor
You must do what I say
I rule California
Every night and every day

You know that I'm a winner!
I will serve a second term
I hope that you are ready
Cuz you're gonna feel the burn!

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