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Sets Of Three

      The genetic code can be represented in various forms, but the basic idea is that sets of three nucleotides correspond to certain amino acids. These sets of three nucleotides are called codons. There are sixty-four possible sets of codons since there are four nucleotides used in the code. Since there are twenty amino acids, more than one codon corresponds to most of the amino acids. In other words, the genetic code is redundant. It should also be mentioned that three codons are designated as stop codons. On top of that codons can be represented in terms of DNA, mRNA, or tRNA. In this video the focus is on DNA, but there are RNA intermediaries involved in the process of translating and transcribing a sequence of DNA into a string of amino acids.


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A code with just four letters
Read in sets of three
Can provide the specification
For a cat, horse, dog, or tree

An almost endless sequence
Of nucleotides
Way too much information
For human eyes

But the code itself is simple
To a certain degree
It comes down to four letters
Read in sets of three

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