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Seven Deadly SENS

      The SENS Research Foundation facilitates research which addresses the SEVEN DEADLY SENS. What are these SENS? Funny you should ask.

  1. AmyloSENS: Removing junk from between cells. Extracellular junk accumulates between cells and impairs cell or tissue function.
  2. LysoSENS: Clearing waste accumulations out of cells. The job of the lysosome is to "incinerate" cellular garbage, but it doesn't get everything.
  3. GlycoSENS: Breaking extracellular crosslinks. Crosslinks must be eliminated to regain tissue elasticity, especially in artery walls.
  4. RepleniSENS: Replacing lost cells. Over time brain, heart, and muscles can't keep up with cell loss and their function is compromised.
  5. ApoptoSENS: Removing dysfunctional cells. Some cells become unable to perform their normal function and must be eliminated.
  6. OncoSENS: Making cancerous mutations harmless. Abnormal gene expression increases with age causing cancer and other unhealthy conditions.
  7. MitoSENS: Preventing damage from mitochondrial mutations. Mitochondria have their own DNA which is more vulnerable to becoming damaged than DNA in the cell nucleus. When the DNA is damaged, mitochondria lose the ability to function properly.
MORE INFO: SENS Research Foundation

BOOK INFO: Ending Aging by Aubrey De Grey and Michael Rae

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Seven deadly SENS

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