Wild Weeds
Selfie Party Gone Wrong

      If the riots during the summer were mostly peaceful protests, then what happened at the Capitol on January 6th, 2021 was nothing more than a selfie party gone wrong. Considering the calls by leftists for arrests and investigations, it seems strange that they were mostly dismissive of the much more violent and destructive riots which occured in the summer of 2020. The disconnect seems almost surreal. How can a series of riots which caused dozens of deaths, countless injuries, interfered with the civil rights of thousands of citizens, and with billions of dollars in damage to property be treated as not that big of a deal? While, on the other hand, an event with minimal damage and a few deaths, which were not directly caused by the participants in the event, gets treated as some kind of horrible catastrophe which is worthy of outrage and bombastic accusations? It makes no sense!


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It was only 'sposed to be
A fun get together
A gathering at the capitol of
Birds of a feather
Protest a little
Party a lot
But things went wrong and
Someone got shot

It did not take that long
Selfie party gone wrong

Blown out of proportion
By media lies
Some airhead complained
Says she's traumatized
Claims of insurrection
Are extremely farfetched
But it just goes to show
How the truth gets stretched

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