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Jesus Saves!

      Could it be that the Lord and Savior of the Bible is also a super saver? Anything is possible and it actually stands to reason to some extent since the Bible contains lots of advice about saving and using one's resources wisely. After all, it is possible to be financially prudent without being greedy. Some will tell you that money is the root of all evil, but it's hard to do anything positive in this world without money. Simply surviving and not being a burden on other people requires that one have money and that you plan for the future and part of planning for the future is ensuring that you will have enough money put away to make it through difficult times. So, not only do you do yourself a favor by saving money and planning for the future, but you also make things better for your friends and family.


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Jesus saves his money
He don't spend what he don't have
And even when he's tempted
He'll spare that golden calf
Every single pay check
Jesus puts some money in
There's only one commandment
Wasting money is a sin!

Jesus really saves, ya'll
Jesus really saves!
He's saving up all his cash
For the end of days!

He won't take out a car loan
He saves his money first
Spending before earning
Is living in reverse
For every penny that he spends
He puts a penny in
There's only one commandment
Wasting money is a sin!

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