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SASQUATCH (The Evidence Is Clear)

      Some people believe in Sasquatch and some don't, and there seems to be a strong correlation between gullibility and a belief in this creature. As a result there are lots of scams involving Sasquatch (aka, Bigfoot). Scammers love websites such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, as well as dozens of others, since it makes it easier for them to find people to scam. Additionally, websites such as Patreon, Kickstarter, GoFundMe, and Buy-Me-A-Coffee make it even easier since they facilitate the transfer of funds from the person being scammed to the person doing the scamming. Sometimes scams use high pressure tactics and sometimes they use more low-key tactics and most people who have spent much time on the internet have seen both and can recognize a scam when they see one.... but that's not true of everyone!


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I have a friend who's seen a Sasquatch
It's five foot tall and that's just up to its crotch
My friend would never lie, he always tells the truth
He knows what's going on, you might say that he's a sleuth

SASQUATCH - Hiding in plain sight
SASQUATCH - Prowling in the night
SASQUATCH - Hiding in the trees
You can smell his stench blowing on the breeze!

My friend has taken pictures, the evidence is clear
He's sure he'll have one captured later on this year
He just needs a little funding on his Patreon page
If you help him with some money he'll catch a Sasquatch in a cage!

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