Wild Weeds
Salvia pachyphylla

      Salvia pachyphylla is found mostly in the southern half of California, but populations spill over into Nevada, Arizona, and Mexico. Two strongholds are the San Bernardino Mountains and the southern portion of the Sierra Nevada Range. Also known as thick-leaved sage, mountain desert sage, and blue sage, this plant forms low mounds and in many ways is similar to Salvia Dorrii. However, Salvia pachyphylla grows at higher elevations and produces a number of substances not produced by its cousin. Native American tribes used it to treat flu symptoms and many compounds produced by the plant have cytotoxic properties. Gardeners love the plant since it produces attractive flowers, but what makes it even more attractive is that it is resistent to deer and rabbits!


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It grows in mounds and has thick leaves
And makes due with the rain that it receives
You might want to know where does it grow
Southwest USA and Mexico

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