Wild Weeds
Rolling In The Mud

      The actions of Letitia James and Fani Willis can be reasonably characterized as both spiteful and capricious. More to the point their actions constitute a blatant disregard for the concepts of justice, fairness, and basic honesty. As such they are guilty of abuse of power, interfering in a presidential election, and ultimately, treason. Whether they are eventually held responsible and accountable for their crimes remains to be seen, but chances are that they will in due course be punished for their transgressions. What is a suitable consequence for such crimes? Well, loss of employment, loss of any professional status they may hold, incarceration, hefty fines, and public ridicule would be good for a start!


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She was a pig that lied
She thought she'd get away
But now her bacon is fried
She was a worthless cheat
She had a lot to say
But now she's eating pig feet

Rolling in the mud
Such a vile swine
Such worthless crud
Full of hate and spite
But now maybe she'll learn
Wrong from right

Nothing but a disgusting sow
She got away with lying
Until now
She perpetrated a legal scam
But now she's getting cooked
Like a ham

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