Wild Weeds
Rusky Ed Sings....

      Rusky Ed is back with another promotional video! Rusky Ed is a little lonely at this time and would like to have more people subscribing to his channel. After all many YouTubers have millions of subscribers and Rusky Ed currently only has hundreds of subscribers. This state of affairs is a little surprising since Rusky Ed delivers instructional videos which are both informative and funny. Rusky Ed makes learning Russian fun! That's not the easiest thing to do since Russian is a very difficult language for English speakers to master. There are many peculiarities and inconsistencies to get the hang of and so learning Russian can be a daunting task for even the most intelligent and dedicated student. Obviously, some people have a knack for learning languages and others don't, but in any case Rusky Ed provides humor and commentary which makes the process much more enjoyable! So check out Rusky Ed and maybe you'll wind up learning a little Russian!


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